Strath Haven Middle School Direct Donation Program:

In an effort to keep our kids from “selling”, as well as trying to keep our “asking” to a minimum, the SHMS Home & School Association has adopted a Direct Donation program.

Our intention is to streamline the donation process, so that ALL of your donation dollars can be used for the important programs that the H&S budget pays for or contributes to throughout the school year. These programs include: Dimensions in Living, Art Goes to School, Special Music Programs, Staff Appreciation Events, and many other valuable programs that enrich our children’s learning experiences at SHMS.

Suggested family donation

for the year: $50

Make checks payable to:

SHMS Home & School Association

Donations are tax deductible

Please print the attached Direct Donation Form  and send in your donation. Thank you!SHMS Direct Donation 2018 2019