Career Day Wed. March 20, 2019!

Career Day:  a career speakers day during which students hear about different professions, as told by real live parents. All students rank speakers in advance and are assigned classrooms.  Teachers monitor each classroom.

This event includes the entire student body and helps to give students an understanding of the many career paths available to them. 
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Each speaker will present in the early afternoon for three 40-minute presentations to the SHMS students during school hours.

Speaker Choices:

1. Industry: Tosoh Bioscience LLC

Atis Chakrabarti, Ph.D. – Vaccination Developer Manager, Technical Service and R&D

Managing a Research and Development group purifying the vaccines and medicinal drugs – how much fun this is?

Vaccines are key to prevent the onset of deadly diseases. Medicinal drugs are to cure the diseases. These are administered to human body through needle injections, by mouth, or by aerosol. Vaccines and drugs need to be more than 99.9% pure and the quality of these are very stringently regulated by the FDA. My team members work on the development of the methods to purify these vaccines and medicinal drugs so that the big bio-pharma companies can use those methods. My team members use Chromatography, a specialized separation technique to do this. As a manager I have to oversee the project timeline. I need to manage the projects as well as people, troubleshoot the issues, contact the top leaders of bio-pharma industry to understand their criteria. I need to travel all over the world interacting with the company management as well as with the customers. This involves passion, commitment and time beyond a regular routine 8-hour job. Do I get fun out of my job? Obviously!!!! Do you want to know more? Please come to my presentation.

2. Industry: Veterinary

Katherine (Kathy) Trow – Veterinarian/Practice co-owner

Are you interested in what goes on in a veterinary hospital? Today’s veterinarians do much more than just give shots.  With the use of much of the same high-tech equipment as human hospitals, veterinary medicine and surgery go to a whole new level.

3. Industry: Health Care

Danielle Callahan – Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a nurse who has gone back to school for their master’s degree (after college). They are able to take care of patients in the hospital and in a medical office. The nurse practitioner helps people stay healthy and treats those that are sick. Being a nurse practitioner is fun!

4. Industry: Film/Television/Theatre

Gabrielle Miller – Actress

Learn about the art of acting and directing for the dynamic film and television industry. Gain insight from a professional actress who has performed around the world. Do some acting improv and have a chance to do a mock audition. Interactive and fun, get ready to see if you have what it takes!

5. Industry: Entrepreneurship, Special Needs, Martial Arts

W. David Medina – Owner/CEO

Learn what it is like to empower special needs kids and adults. W. David Medina is the Owner/CEO of Medina Kenpo Karate and a #1 Best Selling Author. Join our discussion on women’s self-defense, special needs martial arts and volunteer and leadership opportunities in our facility. Current and past students and clients have represented family members of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sixers, Olympic Athletes and the New York Mets.


6. Industry: Government/Law

Edward J. Bonett, Jr – Labor Relations Attorney

Hello, students. I am a lawyer for the federal government. My job is to protect the rights of employees to join together to improve their working conditions. When people think they have been fired illegally, they can talk with me about their case. I also help settle disputes between companies and labor unions. The law gives people a chance to settle disputes peacefully. In my spare time, I am a baseball coach.

7. Industry: Health Care

Vinay V.R. Kandula – Pediatric Neuroradiologist

Do you want to be a Doctor? Maybe a Radiologist?
Interactive session:

· We will go over various modalities of Radiology: X-rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET/CT, PET/MRI.

· Examples of various adolescent conditions diagnosed with imaging modalities.

· Pros and Cons of being a Radiologist.

8. Industry: Higher Education/News (Blogger)

Charlotte Markey – Professor (in Psychology and Health Sciences) at Rutgers University/Blogger/YouTuber

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be the teacher, not the student? I’ve been teaching college students for 20 years now. But, there’s much more to my job than just teaching psychology. I also do research on eating behaviors and body image. These research interests have led me to write two books, blog regularly for Psychology Today and US News and World Report, and share my research findings on radio and TV shows (even on YouTube). Working in academia allows me to always learn new things and to share new information with my students and the public.

9. Industry: Acting and Directing

Therese Walden Murphy – Director of Education with WCStudio for the Performing Arts

Discover how to become a professional actor/director from professional actor/director/educator Therese Walden Murphy. We will discuss the exciting things you could be doing now to prepare for your future. Learn about headshots, resumes and how to get into the TV/Film/Stage industry now! We will also learn some fun acting and improvisation exercises! Therese opened her own acting studio in West Chester after working on Broadway/Regional Theater/TV and Film.

10. Industry: Healthcare

Michael Cari, DMD MS – Orthodontist

We will discuss the career path and schooling required to becoming an orthodontist along with the technologies we use and the skills necessary to be successful in the job. Some discussion on owning a business and demonstrations of the science behind orthodontics will also be presented.

11. Industry: Digital Marketing/Email

Rochelle Kelly – Senior Vice President

Digital Marketing is used across industries to send messages, sell products and communicate around the world. This even includes text messaging & email. We will take a look at different digital marketing campaigns and create an email.

12. Industry: Athletics/ College/ Education

Jeremy Loomis – Head Women’s Tennis Coach

How would you like to learn about a job where you’re around people, get to be outdoors, and do something you love? College sports has been a lifelong career, but I’ve learned it’s not just about playing. We also teach leadership, discipline, and perseverance and we manage a lot of different roles all year. Come to my talk and learn what happens behind the scenes of a collegiate athletic program.

13. Industry: Psychologist

Gregory Milbourne – Psychologist

Outpatient psychotherapy. I work with adults, couples, families and some children, too.

14. Industry: Motorsports

Greg Miller – Race Car Driver

I will explain my experience as an amateur racecar driver and provide an overview of the industry.
I’ll also explain what it takes to succeed as a professional at the highest levels of competition.

15. Industry: Financial Services

Jared Young – Head of Risk and Business Analytics

Your interest in math and science could lead you to a career in financial services as a data analyst. Financial services companies help people save their money, invest their money or buy things like houses, cars and even couches. These companies collect lots of data and use analytics to help people do all of these things. We also work very hard to stop fraud and the people who want to steal the company’s money. We use advanced statistical techniques like machine learning to help us. Come learn about a great way to turn your love of math and science into a career.

16. Industry: Video Games

Mike Doonan – Licensing and Partnership Specialist

After receiving my bachelors of fine arts degree in animation in 2003 I decided to try my hand at video game development from a creative perspective.  I have continued over the past 15 years to have worked my way up through multiple aspects of the industry from my start in Quality Assurance as a video game tester at Activision.  I have been fortunate enough to have been a game designer, art manager, producer and product manager in the video game industry on several high profile titles in that time.

My career has taken me across the world to work with teams in places like Moscow – Russia, Ho Chi Min City – Vietnam, Kiev – Ukraine and London – England.  I have had the privilege of working at companies such as LucasArts working on Star Wars titles and working with George Lucas, LucasFilm and Industrial Light and Magic, on social games at Zynga and on multiple mobile games across several companies including Glu Mobile and Gameloft and, since the introduction of smart phones, on titles including Spider-Man Unlimited for Marvel Comics.

I am currently starting a new role as a Licensing and Partnership Specialist at Astro Gaming working with several AAA partners including 343 Industries (Halo), Activision (Call of Duty) and many, many others.

The focus of the discussion I will present has a heavy focus on math, analytics and writing in both a critical and creative way.  I would love to bring that knowledge to future artists, designers, engineers and programmers.

17. Industry: Art/Illustration

Ernest Norcia – artist/owner Norcia Studios

Finding the artist within: becoming a visual artist

Why do some people choose to make a life creating pictures? I’ve created works for fine art venues, commercial use, and portraits for individuals, corporations and institutions. The images I produce grow out of the great western tradition of realist painting. For me, well-crafted images can have a strong impact on any viewer, and, they can make a positive difference in the lives of the people who see and use them.

18. Industry: Professional Sports Team Executive

Dave Debusschere – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Philadelphia Union

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work in the world of professional sports? If so, check out this session and get to know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes in the front office of a professional sports franchise. I have been a part of the Philadelphia Union organization since the club’s inception ten years ago, with my primary focus being finance and operations, including construction of the stadium and team training center.

19. Industry: Architecture

Noah Tolson – Principal / Owner / Practice Leader

Do you like art? Are you pretty good at math? Do you like to build things? Are you creative? Are you good on the computer? Do you want to make the world a better place? Being an Architect is challenging and rewarding. An Architect uses “both sides of the brain” and needs good critical thinking skills to do his/her job. There are many different roles an architect can have, and many different paths an architect can take to have success in their career. I’d love to share with you some of the truths, and some of the misconceptions, about being an Architect.

20. Industry: Lighting, Business, Architecture, Construction

Billy Hodges – Founder, Entrepreneur, Owner

6 years ago I started a local company doing global work in the business of lighting. Find out how I built the company to 15 people, what mistakes I’ve made and what my plans are for the future.

21. Industry: Law Enforcement

David Splain – Chief of Police

Understand how to become a police officer and what police officers do on a daily basis.

22. Industry: Theatre

Tom Quinn – Director of Education- Walnut Street Theatre

Tom Quinn is the Director of Education at the Walnut Street Theatre. A former actor in Philadelphia and Los Angeles,

Tom has spent the last 9 seasons as the Walnut Street Theatre’s Director of Education. The Walnut is the oldest theatre in America and the largest regional theatre in Philadelphia. As part of his job Tom chooses the casts for all of the Walnut’s shows for families casting professional actors from all over the area. Tom also runs the Walnut’s apprenticeship program for students right out of college to experience their first professional job in all aspects of theatre. Tom runs the theatre school at the Walnut working with Walnut actors to create classes for kids and aspiring professionals.

Tom is also a playwright of over 15 plays- several having been performed at Strath Haven as part of the Walnut’s Outreach Program which Tom runs.

Students attending this session will learn about a career in acting, how to choose the right schools to study theatre in college, how to prepare for auditions, what goes into writing a play and what it is like to work in a theatre that reaches over 500,000 people a year. He can even tell you about the time he met Lin Manuel Miranda!

23. Industry: Computer Science

Alexandra Detweiler – Global Director Microsoft Alliance

Come learn about how careers in Computer sciences are changing the world. What do Amazon’s Alexa and Hershey made Twizzlers have in common? Learn about careers in Cloud computing and the “Internet of Things” (IOT). See how companies and new technologies are changing the way we interact with devices and each other.

24. Industry: College Counseling & Private Practice

Diane Shaffer, Psy.D. – Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychology opens doors to many opportunities for employment. I will talk about my role as a psychologist in a College Counseling Center where I do individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, supervision and consultation. I will also discuss my role as a Private Practice Psychologist who sees adults, couples and families.

25. Industry: Genomics/Molecular Biology

Struan Grant – Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Human Genetics, CHOP

There are major advances in biotechnology going on right now which have exciting potential for human health. I will outline my experiences, including working in places as far apart as Australia and Iceland, and highlight opportunities opening up in the genomics field. This will include what the career ladder looks like for genetics researchers and what techniques are currently looking very cool!

26. Industry: Physical Therapy

Josh Green – Owner/Physical Therapist

My name is Josh Green, PT, MPT and I have been a licensed physical therapist in Pennsylvania for 15 years. I currently own my own physical therapy practice and we are going into our 10th year of business. There are many avenues one can go in the physical therapy field. You could work for a hospital system, nursing home, sports team, or an outpatient clinic (like mine) just to name a few. Over the course of a typical day I could treat a young kid, to an older adult, to an athlete, or anyone in between. Everyday that I go into work, it never feels like a job. I am able to help people feel better, have less pain, and get back to doing all the things they have fun doing in life. It can be a very rewarding profession.

27. Industry: Product Development

Brian Barrabee – Creator

I invented a household product that is sold in stores. I was able to take the product from creation, to patent, to funding, to manufacture, to selling in stores such as Boscovs, Ace Hardware, and True Value Hardware. As creator of this product, I sold it on QVC and at the Philadelphia Flower Show.
Students can follow this interesting process and exchange creations about which they may be thinking. This Career Day lesson possibly will encourage them to bring these potential products to market.
Pretty much everyone has seen Shark Tank. This presentation will enlighten the students as to how the “Sharks” proceed after the show is over.

28. Industry: Nursing

Jennifer Capobianchi BSN RN CNRN – Registered Nurse

Running everything from urban hospitals to rural clinics, nurses are the brains behind great patient care! What do you need to know to become a nurse? Find out and hear about what nurses do on a daily basis in a variety of settings. Come see real life hospital equipment with classroom demonstrations on how it works!

29. Industry: Veterinary Surgeon and Scientist

Susan Volk – Assoc Professor of Small Animal Surgery Univ of PA Vet School

Veterinary medicine is an incredible profession that allows individuals to have an impact on pets and people. Veterinarians are the only doctors educated to protect the health of every species of animals, including humans. They also play critical roles in research, food safety, environmental protection, and public health. This presentation will talk about the many different paths to veterinary medicine, as well as the various careers that are possible as a veterinarian.

30. Industry: Graphic Design

Erin Mulcahy – Creative Manager URBN Urban Outfitters, Inc.

How do words and images work together to create meaningful communication? How does design affect our lives in multiple ways every day?  I will share an overview and highlights of a career in Graphic Design and Art Direction for nonprofit, corporate retail, freelance, boutique and personal work. We will discuss education, experience needed and how designers collaborate with other fields. Examples of work on hand including products, packaging, logos, web sites, for clients Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Terrain, Pizzeria Vetri, Martha Stewart Wedding as well as small local boutiques and businesses.

31. Industry: Media

Brad Segal – Corporate Finance Executive

Do you like the game Monopoly? Imagine playing it in real life, except the game board is constantly changing. I am a deal maker for Comcast NBCUniversal and help grow our business by buying, selling, and investing in companies across the media, entertainment, and technology industries. I will talk about how I followed my early interest in movies and Monopoly to my current role at a large global media company .

32. Industry: Educational Media

Anne Lund – Director of Curriculum and Content, PBS KIDS

Have you ever wondered how your favorite educational kids TV shows and games are made? Did you even know you were learning from them? I will take you on my journey from teacher, to researcher, to director of curriculum and content for a major children’s television network. Hear about the role I play in helping kids learn through fun and engaging shows and games.

33. Industry: Law – Higher Education

Tami Wible – Associate General Counsel & Managing Attorney, Drexel University
Your goals are powerful and can lead you to an exciting future career! I am attorney for a large university in Philadelphia. I work on a vibrant, urban campus, which is a very exciting environment, where there are new and different issues to resolve every day. My path to becoming an attorney was unique, and my present job was my dream job when I was in law school. I have a specialty in employment law and Human Resources counseling (which relates to people’s work-life), contract transactions, and protecting minors who engage in our programs at the University. I would love to share with you the opportunities to practice law that may not be the traditional path. I also will talk about taking opportunities – starting where you are now – to network and to plan for your future career path. You may even get to help me resolve some thorny problems ripped from the headlines!

34. Industry: Landscape Design, Construction, & Forestry

Matthew Tirpak – Owner/operator of a local tree and landscaping company

Understand the responsibilities and benefits of owning your own business while still being able to work outdoors!

35. Industry: Healthcare

Samantha King – Family Support and Education Specialist, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP’s Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic supports families and youth who identify as transgender and gender expansive. While I do many things at the clinic, my main role is to help support transgender youth in school settings. I provide trainings and education to school staff, students, and parents about gender identity. During these trainings, we discuss common questions related to gender identity – what does transgender mean? How is gender different than orientation? What are the best ways to help support transgender students/peers/family members? I thoroughly enjoy my work and strive to make sure environments are safe, welcoming, and affirming for all students.

36. Industry: Visual Arts

Debbie Morton – Art Gallery Owner, Documentary Filmmaker

After making television documentaries for 15 years, I switched careers and opened an art gallery in Philadelphia featuring artists from around the world.  Come hear about careers in the visual arts, what drove my career change decision, and how I have made these unique paths in the arts work for me.

37. Industry: Retail

Shannon Elliott – Owner, Harvey Oak Mercantile

Have you ever wondered how the products you buy end up in your favorite stores? Come learn about the world of buying, merchandising and retail marketing from an industry veteran who has traveled the world sourcing product for Macy’s, Anthropoligie and now, an independently owned boutique in Swarthmore, PA. The presentation will take you on the life cycle of a product and give you insights into the dynamic field of retail.

38. Industry: Engineering & Construction

Terri Micklin – Director of Construction, Wawa, Inc.

Do you love your morning Sizzli? Or a Sugar & Spice Latte? How about a soft pretzel? Before you can get that yummy Wawa snack we have to build the store !  You totally want to hear about how we decide where your next Wawa is going, how long it takes to build one, how much it will cost and how a kid who in middle school was good at math and science got to lead the coolest construction team in town! In addition, we’ll tell stories about how Wawa came to be, how Abraham Lincoln is involved, and other trivia that may result in some swag! One more thing – I’ll share how companies can give back to the community, just like you are doing at SHMS for Headstrong (hint: that may be a trivia question answer).